Can You Escape...?

The Haunting-FINAL-ws.png

The Haunting

2-10 guests |60 minutes | $25 person
Difficulty Level: Hard

A paranormal research team went missing investigating a haunting in the old Conner place.  No one has set foot inside since.  Can you finish their research and escape before becoming a permanent resident?

Secrets of Little Egypt-final-ws.jpg

Secrets of Little Egypt

2-6 guests | 60 minutes | $25 person  
Difficulty Level: Medium

Southern Illinois has long been known as Little Egypt, but why?  Come join an expedition and explore the unearthed cavern system of a lost Egyptian Civilization.


Christmas Escape

2-6 guests |45 minutes | $20 person
Difficulty Level: Easy

A dark elf has discovered a way to stop Christmas.  Sensing danger, Santa has sent your team to the only that may contain the tools necessary to thwart the Dark Elfs plans.  Now it is up to you to restore the magic before time runs out and Christmas is gone...forever!

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  • Select Date, Time, Room and number of Guests.
    *Please Note: Reservations will close 90 minutes prior to room time.  For instance, reservations for a 7:00pm room will close at 5:30pm
  • Cancellation Protection insurance can be added for $3.00/person.  If not everyone can make the reservation, then you will not be charged for their ticket.
  • To complete registration, enter credit card to pay in full, or place a non-refundable $30.00 deposit to secure your room.  Any remaining balance is due upon arrival.

Save time by DOWNLOADING WAIVER and bringing your signed waivers with you!!



Q. Am I Really Locked In? 

"Locked" is such a heavy term. We prefer the term "Secured." In truth, you can leave at any time, but consider the fun lost if you just walk out! Let your guide know if you have any issues with enclosed spaces so we can best accommodate you, and use the panic button if it’s just time to go.


Q. Can I Schedule a Time Outside of Set Hours?

If you have a group, we want to make sure you get a chance to come! We have a wide variety of times and gaming slots, but if you need something special, we're happy to help! Shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.


Q. How Big a Group Do I Need? 

It gets kind of lonely in there, so bring some friends! We can combine groups to increase the fun if you can't round up a crew, and we do accommodate smaller groups. Not all rooms are created equal, and size does matter, so check the room descriptions!


Q. Who Should Come to the Panic Room? 

Pretty much anyone! We're a great destination for company retreats, family fun, bachelorette parties, birthdays, church groups, clown college reunions, dog lovers anonymous, neighborhood watch communities, and Ouija board enthusiasts…Come one, come all!


Q. What Should I Bring? 

Guts and imagination, but of course glasses and/or readers is a must.   We also have a gift shop, so bring your wallet, but we’ll take you just as you are!


Q. What Room Should I Choose? 

Choices are hard, but the good news is you can’t go wrong, and you can keep coming back! Every room is different and will provide a different type of experience. Choose the one that speaks to you and then come back and try out the rest.  

Q. Is There an Age Limit? 

We want everyone to feel welcome and have fun. Kids 12 to 17 can participate with a signed parental waiver. Groups with children younger than twelve are asked to make sure a parent is present at all times, and to book a private room for family fun.

Download Waiver Here

Q. When Should I Arrive and How Long Does it Take?

Promptness and time management are valued here at The Panic Room! We must get things started on time, and maintain a strict schedule. On your part, please arrive fifteen minutes before so we can get all the paperwork out of the way so you can enjoy yourself! You’ll have an hour to solve the puzzles and escape, and another fifteen minutes after to decompress, buy a t-shirt, take a group shot with your tour and tell everyone how much fun you had.  


Q. Are Walk-Ins Welcome?

We are more like an airport than we are a barber shop. We have a lot of moving parts and prep work, so we ask that you register and arrive at a certain time. Long and short of Reserve your room only at


Q. Can I Make Changes to a Reservation or Get a Refund? 

We can't imagine why you would want to, but if you decide not to come you can forfeit your fee or transfer it to a friend or family member.  




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