The Haunting-FINAL-ws.png

The Haunting

2-10 guests |60 minutes | $25 person
Difficulty Level: Hard

A paranormal research team went missing investigating a haunting in the old Conner place.  No one has set foot inside since.  Can you finish their research and escape before becoming a permanent resident?

Secrets of Little Egypt-final-ws.jpg

Secrets of Little Egypt

2-6 guests | 60 minutes | $25 person
Difficulty Level: Medium

Southern Illinois has long been known as Little Egypt, but why?  Come join an expedition and explore the unearthed cavern system of a lost Egyptian Civilization.


Christmas Escape

2-6 guests |45 minutes | $20 person
Difficulty Level: Easy

A dark elf has discovered a way to stop Christmas.  Sensing danger, Santa has sent your team to the only that may contain the tools necessary to thwart the Dark Elfs plans.  Now it is up to you to restore the magic before time runs out and Christmas is gone...forever!